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Pacific Infrastructure Maintenance

Benchmarking Report

2021 Baseline Assessment

Contributions by Kerry McGovern








Managing Infrastructure Assets for Sustainable Development: A Handbook for Local and National Governments

Contributions by Dr Penny Burns and Kerry McGovern







Contribution by Kieren McGovern






National Audit of the Informal Economy

Contribution and Leadership provided by Dr Jane Stanley







The Map of Meaning: A Guide to sustaining our humanity in the world of work, 2nd ed.

Co Authors – Prof Marjolein Lips-Wiersma and Lani Morris







A Handbook on How to Build Local Economies and Stop relying on trickle down economics

Author: Dr Jane Stanley








Co Authors – Maria Corazon Alejandrino-Yap, Matthew Dornan, Kerry McGovern and John Austin.







Facilities Management


Facilities Management and the Business of Managing Assets

Co Authors – Danny Then Shiem-Shin & Tan Teng Hee (EAROPH Member)








Gnarly Planning: Tools for Local and Global Action

Author: Dr Jane Stanley






McGovern, K., L. Drennan and E. Meier, 2007. Merging sustainability costs and benefits with government plans and budgets, Journal of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Accountability, Vol 13 No 4 Dec 2007, pp 8-16.


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