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  • Policy and Capacity Development
  • Performance assessment methodologies
  • Performance management
  • Corporate governance structures
  • Peer Reviews
  • Fiduciary Risk Assessments

Managing Public Sector Assets

Whole-of-government framework for managing sustainability, including of public sector assets. Outputs delivered include:

  • Whole of Government Asset Management Framework
  • Framework for Maintenance of Infrastructure: Infrastructure Maintenance in the Pacific1-e6584c3cb4
  • Strategic and Operational Plans
  • Country-specific asset management legislation, policies, systems and procedures.
  • Asset Management Manual
  • training programs.

Heritage asset management structure, including staffing, legislation, policies, systems and procedures.


Infrastructure Strategic Management

Talking Infrastructure

Talking Infrastructure (Dr Penny Burns)

Public Financial Management

  • Internal Control documentation and review.
  • Fraud prevention.
  • Systems specifications
  • Fiduciary Risk Management

Human Development and Sustainable Development Goals

Efficient, resilient, and well-planned initiatives ensure that no one is left behind in the drive for inclusive growth. Our experience in Governance and Institutional Development provides support and guidance in the crafting of a Governance and community response to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Contribution to the writing of the New Urban Agenda within SDG 11 Sustainable Cities through the Eastern Regional Organisation for Planning and Human Settlements (EAROPH).

Social Cohesion and Crisis Response

Our work is always to promote tolerance and reduce vulnerability. Peacebuilding, transitional justice mechanisms, conflict prevention and disaster response and risk reduction through strengthening communities.

K McGovern and Associates has successfully assisted communities by providing specialist capacity to achieve results driven programmes of UN Agencies in crisis prone areas.

  • Solomon Islands Peace and Conflict Development Analysis: Emerging Priorities in Preventing Future Violent Conflict
  • Conference on Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Asia and the Pacific, October 25-27 2004
  • Trouble in Paradise: Small Arms in the Pacific

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms demonstrate accountability, enable innovative and responsive programming and improve our understanding of what constitutes effective development.

K McGovern and Associates provides expert leadership for evidence-based collaborative learning, using the results of work to improve decisions affecting program outcomes.

We possess specific M&E experience for projects addressing Public Sector Management, Crisis response and the empowerment of women.

Facilitation of Meaningful Work

The Map of Meaning International Charitable Trust

Lots of busy work can sometimes be meaningless. It consumes human and environmental resources needlessly and creates burnout and distress. Our associates are trained in applying the Map of Meaning in our work. Not only does it ensure that our associates are sane and healthy as we work with you, it also means that our work will be meaningful to you, your staff, your clients and beneficiaries.

We draw on certified practitioners across the world, through The Map of Meaning International Charitable Trust.

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