Our Approach

K McGovern & Associates has its head office in Brisbane Australia.

We provide assurance to clients that, by us working hand in hand with the target communities, they can achieve the following:

  • Good Governance
  • Knowledge of the Public Assets for which they are accountable
  • Knowledge of the cash, resources on hand and the performance being achieved against plans
  • Know that government policy generates peace in the nation.

We work from the following values:

  • Commitment to finding the accountabilities that energise people, organisations and governments.
  • Creating accountabilities that have integrity at the personal and abstract (for example financial) levels.
  • Contributing to our clients experience and learning.

The company provides services and outputs in these main areas of the public sector:

  1. Governance, Public Financial and Asset Management
  2. Human Development and the Sustainable Development Goals
  3. Social Cohesion and Crisis Response
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation
  5. Facilitation of Meaningful Work

Clients include UN agencies, international bilateral and multilateral agencies, consulting firms, universities, NGOs, government departments and agencies.

Services include the design and implementation of governance structures, planning, sustainability management and reporting framework, policies and procedures, whole-of-government asset management framework, performance management structures, evaluation of projects and management systems, peace and conflict development analysis, and capacity building and training

Outputs include reports on technical and practical aspects of performance management and financial management, policy documents, plans, governance, public sector auditing, training materials, including those designed for on-line presentation, and systems specifications for users, evaluations and peace and conflict analysis reports.

K McGovern & Associates