International Asset Management Framework – 2001

OECD, 2001. Asset Management for the Roads Sector.

“The main tasks set by the Steering Committee for the Programme of Research on Road Transportand Intermodal Linkages for the Working Group were to:

• Develop a common definition and identify the appropriate components for an assetmanagement system (AMS).

• Document the state of implementation of asset management practices and programmes in OECDMember countries. Identify the benefits – i.e. reduced costs, opportunities for new technologiesto improve the efficiency of asset use, better transport planning, improved decision making andinformation sharing, etc. – in the wake of applying asset management systems. Consider how tomeasure these benefits.

• Review the data and analysis requirements, including accounting principles and capitalisationmethods, used in successful asset management systems. Consider the type of indicators used tomeasure the performance of a road network/transport system in the implementation of an assetmanagement system and suggest options ranging from essential measures to those that canprovide some benefit.

• Examine the challenges that must be faced in the implementation of asset management systems– i.e. new skills for personnel, new thinking for all levels of management, public involvement,newly oriented goals, etc. Propose steps to effectively meet these challenges.

• Prepare a marketing plan for the dissemination of the results of the study and assume a key rolein the preparation of the final report” (Page 11).

The OECD published “Asset Management for the Roads Sector” in 2001.
The previous year, “Ministers agreed that the achievement of sustainable development is a key priority for OECD countries. They encouraged the elaboration of the Organisation’s strategy for wide-ranging efforts over the next three years in the areas of climate change, technological development, sustainability indicators and the environmental impact of subsidies…” and, in response, the OECD published “Frameworks to Measure Sustainable Development“.

Much work has been done in the past decade. Key publications can be found on the OECD website.

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