State of Australian Cities 2010

State of Australian Cities Report 2010 was published in March 2010 by the Major Cities Unit of Infrastructure Australia.  The report puts Australian cities in an international context, and reports on their population and settlement, productivity, sustainability, liveability, social inclusion and equity and governance.

It recognises that “Australia is one of the world’s more urbanised nations, with just over three-quarters of the population living in 17 major cities of 100,000 people or more and the majority of urban dwellers living in five cities—Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. …

Within the largest capitals, urban areas are growing rapidly, with net overseas migration seen as the main contributor to population growth. The local government areas of Wyndham, Melton and Whittlesea in Melbourne; Wanneroo, Swan and Rockingham in Perth and Ipswich in Brisbane are among the fastest and largest growth areas in the nation. In 2007–08 they experienced growth rates above 4 per cent and population increases of 4,000 or more for the year.”

This is the first report to provide a basis for a holistic study of Australian cities, measuring economic, environmental, social and demographic changes.

This report starts to address the information deficiency required to prepare that holistic study.

Infrastructure Australia reports to the Council of Australian Governments (COAG).

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