Introduction to the Map of Meaning

Continuously improving performance within an environment of high risk and changing governance requirements is a challenge. Performance is affected by many factors, but no government department can deliver high quality services, policies and an effective regulatory environment without a committed workforce.

Meaningful work, or its absence, influences government outcomes through job satisfaction, motivation, absenteeism, work behaviour, engagement, empowerment, stress and the resulting productivity and performance.

Lani Morris, with whom we have been associated for many years, specialises in meaningful work. In partnership with Assoc. Prof. Marjolein Lips-Wiersma, she has developed a very practical tool which they describe in “The Map of Meaning: A Guide to Sustaining our Humanity in the World of Work”. This tool helps us to understand and work directly with the effect of meaningfulness and all staff can use it to strengthen meaning in their work and to understand and work directly with the effect of meaningfulness.

Lani Morris will be presenting a two day “Introduction to the Map of Meaning” intensive masterclass in Brisbane on 29th and 30th September 2012.

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