Waste Management – a key city infrastructure

Waste is generated by the residents of cities in a manner that continues to change. The last fifty years have brought widespread use of plastics, vast numbers of manufactured chemicals and hazardous waste that extend across land, throughout our oceans and into outer space.

Cities’ response to this challenge is on-going and requires an ability to monitor the types of waste generated by residents, visitors, businesses and industry as well as to treat all such wastes in a manner that protects the health of humans, animals and the environment.

Kerry McGovern was invited to the 24th EAROPH World Congress to speak on “Governance and Financing Your Cities”. She presented a paper on the governance arrangements that apply to the management of waste. She discussed the funding and financing arrangements applied to ensure the management of waste at each stage of the waste stream. The paper also identified capabilities required by a city to ensure these arrangements result in the mitigation and safe management of waste so that the health of humans and the environment are protected and sustainable development goals can be achieved.

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