Recognising the many-layered individual in the workplace

Associate Lani Morris explains that using the Map of Meaning “is a new language because we have not traditionally expressed notions of meaningfulness even to ourselves.”

She is quoted in this weekend’s QWeekend Magazine’s article by Kristina Olsson.

Lani has been bringing the Map of Meaning to Australia for over five years. She has been teaching us how to use the Map of Meaning and this coming weekend, five of us will submit our work for certification by a panel consisting of Lani herself, Marjolein Lips-Wiersma and Patricia Greenhough.

Patricia is offering Brisbane counsellors, coaches and therapists an opportunity to learn how to apply the Map of Meaning in their work with a one day workshop on Wednesday 26 November, 2015.

See for details.

Meaningful work is a conversation away.

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