Achievements for 2020 #6

Dr Jane Stanley attended WUF10 before the lock down, and this resulted in firm commitments to form a new Pacific Partnership involving EAROPH, UN Habitat, UN ESCAP, CLGF, ICLEI, Compass Housing and some universities. Jane is now on the Steering Committee for this PP-NUA Partnership. We have secured the support of various interns and volunteers and are working towards a work program. We had hoped to put Australian volunteers into the Fiji office but COVID-19 but the pandemic made this impossible.

Two by-products of the partnership have been

(a) providing voluntary support to UN Habitat in preparing the socio-economic impact assessment for the rest of the Pacific (ie excluding PNG), and

(b) working with ICLEI on some funding applications that will enable us to support the Kiribati Local Government Association in implementing the Local Economic Development Plan that was developed through the CLGF program,

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