The Story of Asset Management

Dr Penny Burns has published “The Story of Asset Management“.

Amazon makes the book available to you in Kindle or Paperback.

‘The Story of Asset Management’, authored by Dr. Penny Burns, offers a detailed account of the gradual emergence of asset management practices, spanning a decade of development.

While discussions about government reforms often take centre stage, the behind-the-scenes processes of problem-solving and innovation remain less documented. In this book, readers are provided a unique opportunity to witness the challenges, successes, and setbacks faced by trailblazers in the field of asset management from its beginnings in Australia in 1984 and onward, enriched by engaging anecdotes that highlight the era.

Join this journey into the past and gain a deeper understanding of the foundation on which contemporary asset management principles are built.

THE AUTHOR: Dr. Penny Burns found herself uniquely positioned at the intersection of economics and engineering in 1982. Building on her foundation in experimental economics, she embarked on reshaping the field, and has captured those early years in this engrossing story. Another of her notable contributions was the establishment of the Strategic Asset Management newsletter in 1994, a publication that evolved into a vital resource for policy and practice.
Dr. Burns continued to make her mark by introducing the International Asset Management Competitions in 1996, aimed at recognising excellence in the field. Additionally, her forward-thinking approach led to the creation of the first dedicated asset management website in 1998, making valuable insights accessible to a wider audience. Today, Dr. Penny Burns stands as the Chair of the Talking Infrastructure Association, envisioning the future of asset management and the imperative of developing ‘future-fit’ assets.

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